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Volunteers 2023

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer for the HRRCP!


We have had an OUTPOURING of people in 2022 wanting to help. Our community is AMAZING. 


If you're interested in volunteering either for the Fairgrounds Distribution, or for other committees for work in 2023, please email us.  We need help with:

-Hospitality Organizers: Will be first to arrive each day and unlock the building. Get coffee and hot water started each day; purchase and bring up food each morning for volunteers.  Will be needed from about 7am - 8:30am M-Sa of distribution.

-Appeal Letters:  Help print, address envelopes, and manage our fundraising appeal in Fall 2023.  OR also help send our donor update newsletter in February/March 2023.

Fairgrounds Support and Clean-Up Committee Head:

This person is the contact with the Fairgrounds staff.  He/she is responsible for any organizational issues around the Fairgrounds.  He/she lets the Volunteer Coordinator know how many people are needed for Saturday/Sunday “wrap-up” - handling the return of any undistributed food items to either the stores for credit or to FISH for a receipted donation, packing up chairs and tables, etc. 


Interagency Coordinator: Work with other agencies in Hood River, Wasco, and Klickitat Counties to share information about our event timing, qualifications, and support. Get info on support offered in other counties that we can provide to clients from outside HR County.  Coordinated with FISH Food Bank to avoid overlap in food supplies and timing of support.

Finance Committee:  Join our finance committee to help us continue to build financial controls, review spending, and help with a transition to QuickBooks.  Experience with non-profit accounting and accounting systems (like Quick Books for Non-Profits) would be especially helpful.  

Public Relations & Media:  Are you a good writer?  Able to research a topic and then make it come alive in print?  It's our 100th anniversary - we have lots of press releases, stories, and information to share.  Dig into the HR Library and local Elks Lodge archives to help us tell share the story of 100 years of community service.

Volunteer Organizers:  We need some people to handle outreach at a number of places:  the domestic violence shelter, the Shelter Services on Oak Street, and our Fairgrounds Operations during distribution.  Some jobs involve meeting with shelter managers and registering clients; at the Fairgrounds you help make sure volunteers know where they're assigned and get them set up.

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