Sponsor Policy


2017 Hood River County Christmas Project Sponsor Policy

Individuals, businesses, and/or organizations, etc. can sponsor one or more low income families during the holiday season. Approved sponsors are responsible for purchasing and providing food and children’s gifts to their assigned family. All food and gift boxes must have the families name and ID# labeled on each box.

Suggested sponsor expenditures for food and children's gifts:

Family size 1-4 Family size 5-7 Family size 8+
$75 - $85 $85 - $100 $100 - $115

How to Sponsor a Family


1. Sponsor applications may be submitted after November 15, 2017. Parties interested in sponsoring families can contact the Hood River County Christmas Project (HRCCP) sponsor coordinator, Lindsay Holmson (Email: LHolmson21@yahoo.com Phone: (541) 806-1270). There is also an Online Sponsor Form available which can be filled and submitted electronically.

2. Sponsor applicants will be asked to select the number of families they wish to sponsor. They can choose from the three family sizes listed in the table above: 1-4, 5-7, and 8+ individuals. Applicants will also need to select whether to deliver to the family or have HRCCP deliver their Christmas Basket to the family.

3. Once the sponsor application is received by the sponsor coordinator and approved, the coordinator will then assign a family or families to the sponsor and provide information about the family(s) which will aid in the sponsor's choice of food supplies and gifts. HRCCP will send a postcard to all sponsored families (sponsor deliveries only) informing them that they will receive their Christmas Basket at their home, instead of the fairgrounds, on the date specified on the sponsor application.

4. The last day for accepting Sponsor applications for a sponsor delivery will be Friday, December 8th at 5pm. Sponsor deliveries must be on the same date as specified on the sponsor application, but no later than Saturday, December 16th, 5pm. Once the sponsor delivers their Christmas basket to their family, they must notify the HRCCP sponsor coordinator via phone or email.

5. The last day for accepting Sponsor applications for an HRCCP delivery will be Monday, December 11th at 5pm. Sponsors must drop off their Food and Toy Christmas Baskets to the front desk of the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM), 1600 Air Museum Rd—next to the airport—between the hours of 9am-5pm December 11th - 13th. No perishable foods will be accepted due to lack of cold storage. Food gift certificates are recommended instead of perishables. If any sponsor does not meet the drop off deadline of December 13, 5pm, the HRCCP sponsor coordinator will notify them by phone. If the sponsor does not provide a Christmas Basket by December 14, 12pm, HRCCP will provide the food and toy basket.  For all HRCCP deliveries, the families will come into the Hood River County Fairgrounds on the date and time that is shown on their receipts received during registration.